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Real-time consumer big data for manufacturers, distribution, and export-import companies

You can receive data on consumer purchasing behavior by country that is exporting to Korea.

Identify and utilize real-time reviews from domestic and overseas consumers to meet consumer needs.

New product development and integrated marketing strategy (IMC) possible

Real-time Market Big Data Platform Example

The main page for a summary of information compiled by countries and cities

TrustQR Advantage

  • Genuine product authentication and secure customer confidence

    Improving confidence by voluntary authenticating behavior of consumers In case of forgery, the sales status of counterfeit products can be checked in real time.

  • Real-time market data delivery and data-based management 4.0 implementation

    Real-time monitoring of market sales data, analyzing and utilizing market big data, can apply strategic decision making and new product development

  • The Value of the Korean
    National Brand

    Enhance positive image by voluntary participation of consumers. Even if forged through cloning, the status of counterfeit products can be checked in real time.



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